Missing in Jericho

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In this ten hour realistic detective simulator you’ll use all your wits, social media and thrilling tools to solve this horrifying mystery. Cause there’s a secret festering in Jericho. Do you have what it takes to fight corruption and save a girl?

Will you leave this wretched place with blood on your hands?

You can now get all 4 chapters of this intriguing case all at once. Offer only stands till April.


Watch the crime scene in 360°

Follow suspects on Facebook, Instagram, ...

Get calls from the kidnapper

Analyze surveillance footage

Interrogate suspects and witnesses

Investigate websites, podcasts, profiles, ...

Launch date: Summer of 2020

Difficulty:  ★★★★

👤: 1-4 players

Age: 16+

: 10 hours

📈: More than 600 detectives already signed up for this case