Missing in Jericho

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Missing in Jericho is an online digital detective simulator/game. You’ll get access to Crime HQ, a platform where you will be able to view everything concerning the missing case.


Watch the crime scene in 360°

Follow suspects on Facebook, Instagram, …

Get calls from the kidnapper

Analyze surveillance footage

Interrogate suspects and witnesses

Investigate websites, podcasts, profiles, …

Launch date: January 2020

Difficulty:  ★★★★

👤: 1-4 players

Age: 16+

: 600 minutes

📈: More than 500 detectives already signed up for this case


Jericho is no place for outsiders. This town consumes people. It has done so before. Now it has wrapped its claws around Alice.

Will you find this missing blogger before it’s too late?

By buying this case you’ll get access to the complete story of Missing in Jericho on an app. Look over all the evidence found by the Jericho Sheriff department, watch incriminating video footage as well as interrogate your prime suspects. Then it’s up to you.

With the help of your digital police partner Mia, you’ll venture through the mysterious town of Jericho and search the web and social media for your own clues. Think out of the box. Leave no stone unturned. Your call, detective. What methods will you use to ensnare a monster?

Ready for the investigation of a lifetime?


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