Your fellow true crime buffs/horror addicts, Cory Martin and Chana Jones share their weekly stories of murder, demonic possession, and nocturnal… apparitions. So grab your spirit boards, light some candles and listen to our true crime and supernatural podcast with a comedic, queer twist!


Dive into the world of girls gone wrong with Criminal Broads, a podcast about wild women who’ve ended up on the wrong side of the law. Leading a cult, serially murdering their husbands, swindling billionaires or faking ectoplasm. All brought by the insightful Tori Telfor – author of Lady Killers: Deady Women Throughout History.


Modern Treasure Hunt sends you a box filled to the brim with clues that will turn you into real-life treasure hunters. Unearth hidden riches by finding immersive clues and solve all kinds of breathtaking riddles. The beautiful materials in the box bring even more depth and realism to your travels. Ready for this astonishing hunt for gold?


What do you get when you bring the four friends of Crime Quad Podcast together? Well, an amazing podcast for starters. These girls talk about heaven, hell and every delicious thing in between. In the mood for some good old conspiracy theories, incredible crime stories and a dose of horror and fun? These girls got you covered.


Locurio is an escape room located in Seattle Washington. Combining the power of the physical realm with all kinds of exciting technologies, these amazing creators have one of the best escape rooms in the world. Get ready to be inspired, frightened and exhilarated. Can you escape their beautiful enigmatic worlds?