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The Story


The town of Jericho in Oregon isn’t that suspicious at first glance. Hidden away behind hills and surrounded by vast Redwoods, Jericho has its own way of dealing with things. People who live here tend to live in the past. They remember Jericho’s heyday when they struck gold. But most did not find precious ores buried underneath Jericho. Most only found horror and blood.

Recently, Jericho was back on people’s radar when Alice Wild disappeared in the summer of 2019. Alice was a young social influencer traveling the land. Mostly only visiting big cities. She had a semi-popular blog and just became active on social media. But how a girl with no enemies and seemingly no business in this secluded town has gone missing after only one week, astounds the police to this day. 

Just before the FBI could join the search, the Sheriff Department of Jericho found their scapegoat: Lizzy Spencer. A confused woman with a drinking problem and a bad reputation. An easy fix for a gruesome problem. This does not sit well with Mia Walker, a new detective in Jericho and a woman hell-bound on discovering the truth. That’s why she has contacted you. 

Getting to the bottom of this mystery won’t be an easy task. Nobody is truly innocent in Jericho. Who do you trust in this town built on lies? What have its residents done to young Alice? And what will they do to you?

It’s up to you, detective. Do you have what it takes to become a real-life detective? Are you ready to travel to Jericho and find Alice?