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In Missing in Jericho you’ll finally discover the thrill of being a real-life detective. You’ll venture through the town of Jericho, talk to the suspicious residents and crack intense riddles. Every decision will bring you one step closer to Alice and the monster that took her. But how will you do this?

Missing in Jericho is a complex and vast game with you in the role of lead-detective. The entire case will take over ten hours but will be divided in four episodes. Each episode has a clear goal but how and if you’ll get there, depends on you. You can play these four episodes all in one go or divide your investigation over as many nights as you want. Your progress is always saved.

To bring this search to a good end you’ll need your headquarters. Here you’ll find three components that will help you solve this horrific crime: an interactive map, a collection of all the evidence you’ve gathered and a hotline to your digital partner in crime: Mia Walker. 

The interactive map of Jericho is hand-drawn by our incredibly talented graphic designer. With this map you can travel to the far reaches of the town with a click and learn more of the buildings and their importance to your case. During the game you’ll get to know this town and the people living here like the back of your hand.  

In your headquarters, you’ll also find all the evidence you’ve gathered during your investigation. The story of Missing in Jericho is complex and intricate but the evidence is always the key. The evidence in this particular case can take many surprising forms. You’ll have to check footage, audio files, pictures and documents to get to the bottom of this.

You’ll also find your hotline to your digital detective partner: Mia Walker. Mia is a detective in Jericho and is with you on this case. She will help you interrogate your witnesses, do tests on the evidence of your choosing and help you if you’re stuck. Mia is on your side but you call the shots, detective.

Your headquarter is great but don’t get too comfortable there. To catch this culprit you’ll also check social media, look online, call and send mails. The monster you try to catch lives in the real world.