Can you find Alice?

Missing in Jericho is an online digital detective game. You’ll get access to our platform where you will be able to view everything concerning the missing case.

After a last disturbing post on her social media account, Wild goes Wild, Alice has disappeared without a trace. Her last posts lead you to the old mining town of Jericho, completely cut off from the outside world by forests and hills. Jericho might be sleepy but from the moment you arrived here, you can’t shake the feeling Alice found something she shouldn’t have… 

In this immersive and intricate investigation, you’ll have to dive into the vast digital world of Wild goes Wild and explore the old town of Jericho for yourself. With every solved riddle, new discovery and hard interrogation, you’ll get one step closer to finding the truth on Alice’s disappearance. Who do you trust? What choices will you make?

Can you find Alice before it’s too late?

Crime Scene in 360°
Get a mysterious call
Interrogate suspects


My husband and I have just finished the first chapter. What an adventure! We laughed, cursed the world and had our fair share of break throughs/downs. Everything came together in the end! We're fans!

Lisa Nathaniel

You're a real detective in this groundbreaking game! Working on the case and I'm loving every second of it.

Timothy Smith

This is the perfect game for all those wannabe Sherlocks (like myself).

Jacky Hubert

You need to focus on every detail, you never know what clue might be vital. It all adds up to finding the culprit. Would recommend!

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